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Kuwadico: Our customer satisfaction is a first priority & integrated housing is a commitment we strive to fulfill

Our residential units are fully finished & our designs match all tastes fulfilling all requirements

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CEO of KUWADICO, one of the biggest real estate developers in Egypt, asserted that KUWADICO’s customer satisfaction represents the maximum priority of the company’s projects and working fields focusing on KUAWICO’s keenness to facilitate the best comfort means to its clients through providing an integral vision for the integrated services housing.

“Kuwadico’s customer satisfaction before and after buying his residential unit is a maximum priority in our scope of work. Kuwadico dedicates its best efforts to achieve its own vision for integrated services housing that matches all tastes and fulfills different requirements”,he said.

Integrated housing is a commitment that KUAWDICO strives to fulfill and dedicates all its huge potentials to make it real. KUAWDICO is distinguished by its absolute keenness to deliver residential units on the agreed deadlines besides providing a package of payment facilities that reach seven years without interests.

He explained that KUWADICO units, in its pioneering project “Grand Heights” are delivered to the client fully finished, which saves for him the effort of finishing and its cost. KUWADICO also is responsible for finishing according to the highest international quality criteria in order to provide the utmost ways of comfort to KUWADICO client.


The executive manager of KUWADICO added, “The Company is very keen on finishing the first stage from its project “Grand Heights” in 6th of October City which presents the highest international quality criteria for KUWADICO clients that will be delivered in 2014 according to the concept of Day1 Community.  

He also said, “The concept of Day1 Community presents a group of creative solutions and pioneering criteria of life styles in Egypt to save lots of time and efforts to the client. This is because he will be able to enjoy provided facilities from the first day he arrives to Grand Heights”.

He will not need anything except furniture only. Besides, units will be delivered after finishing all construction works and finishing in the phase units in order to provide comfort and quietness to residents and not to disturb them with any building or finishing works in any nearby unit”, he added.

Variety of designs at ‘Grand Heights’ huge project, which extends over 3.8milion square meters, reflects KUWADICO’ keenness to establish housing units that meet different tastes of its clients. In addition, the housing project provides complete services including malls and service centers to avoid going outside the compound.

In addition, it fulfills residents’ needs by providing domestic services, maintenance, and a track for running and cycling extended over 5km. Moreover, it has a club house over 10 acres and a Grand Park Zone garden over 20 acres.

"Kuwadico" celebrates its giant project “Grand Heights” spreading joy and festivity in the 6th of October City

Amazing customer deals, payment facilities, and site visit to witness the project’s milestones

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Amid a festive & charming atmosphere, 6th of October City hosted the celebration of giant residential project "Grand Heights," held by leading real estate developer; “Kuwadico” to promote for the project’s pioneering concept designed to redefine suburbs residential housing.

"Kuwadico" CEO - Ibrahim Hassan stated: "The event reflects Kuwadico’s top priority to provide the best deals to their customers", expressing his delight at "the presence of such a large number of partners and customers who were keen to share Kuwadico’s glorious moments."

The ceremony was held at Kuwadico’s 6th of October headquarters in the presence of strategic business partners and over 300 customers who were delighted at the promotional offers and payment facilities announced. Customers were also invited to tour the site and explore a range of mock-up villas to witness “Grand Heights” progress, unique designs, and finishing standards.  

The ceremony featured a dazzling entertainment program that included performance of classic eastern and new generation songs by “Masar Egbary” band in addition to Al Leila Al Kebira Show. Invitees also enjoyed a large range of games and recreational activities such as karaoke and "Xbox" while children played in the allocated kids’ area.

Participants showcased distinctive services provided by "Grand Heights" project in the first phase, which contains different models for fully finished villas featuring unique designs and floor plans in addition to the innovative security systems and home automation solutions.

"Grand Heights", which extends over an area of 3.8 million square meters, combines a number of innovative solutions and leading standards for residential lifestyles in Egypt. The project also offers a bouquet of integrated services such as housekeeping, maintenance and others.

With investments worth 8 billion Egyptian Pounds

Kuwadico Holds Strategic Alliances with Leading Egyptian Real Estate Developers and Contractors

CEO: “We believe in the Egyptian economy despite any challenges and are keen to support the real estate sector”

In a move to strengthen and stimulate the Egyptian real estate sector, Kuwait Wadi El Nil Urban Development (Kuwadico) signed strategic alliances with leading Egyptian real estate developer and contractors such as "Orascom Construction Industries" and "Amer Group" to carry out the "Grand Heights" project in the Sixth of October City allocating more than LE 8 Billion in investments consigning the world’s leading consultants.

Engineer Ibrahim Hassan; Chief Executive Officer of Kuwadico stated: "We strongly believe in the strength and prospects of the Egyptian real estate market, which represents a backbone to the Egyptian Economy at large, despite any current challenges prevailing, with the first signs of stability and government support, we expect the market to recover and flourish significantly”.

Hassan added: “We are hoping and looking forward to practical results of recent and upcoming government measurements in support of the industry and hence will directly drive more investments in the development and real estate industry, which remains evermore the most attractive market in the whole region”.

Kuwadico plans a long term development venture in Egypt with more expansions and diversified product portfolios building on their strong regional and international expertise as well as leadership in the local market provided through the partnerships between Kuwaiti National Real Estate Company (NREC) and Wadi El Nil for urban development company, both highly reputable and solid entities.

Hassan added: “Kuwadico offers thousands of permanent job opportunities for young Egyptians through its first 3.8 million square meters project" Grand Heights", which is currently under construction to deliver first phase by the first quarter of 2014. This is in addition to thousand other indirect job opportunities covering all related industries such as infrastructure, construction, and finishing”.

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