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Kuwait’s National Real Estate Company (NREC) in a joint partnership with Egypt’s Wadi El Nil Company, have established KUWADICO. Bringing together the innovation and vision gained from extensive regional achievements, KUWADICO was founded to develop Grand Heights, a pioneering venture in suburban living.




National Real Estate Company

 “Excellence through Experience”



NREC has been a real estate investment and development pioneer since 1973 and listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange since 1984. Founded with a capital of KD5 million, NREC has grown into one of the largest real estate companies in Kuwait with assets and capital now exceeding KD565.1 million (US$ 1,87 billion) and KD94.3 million (US$ 313 Million), respectively, to become one of the most reputable and actively traded companies in the KSE.

Based in Kuwait, NREC houses subsidiaries, entities and developments that are spread throughout the region, including UAE, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Libya.

NREC is one of the first Kuwaiti companies to host an integrated diverse set of successful businesses and activities led by its primary focus in real estate development. Such activities are characterized by real estate acquisition and development, management of commercial real estate, luxurious resorts and shopping center management. NREC is renowned for pioneering Free Trade Zone management in Kuwait.

Extensive market research enacted through NREC’s diverse set of subsidiaries and strategic partnerships has led to the successful inception of several integrated projects, such as commercial and residential complexes, hotels and unique communities each managed either directly or indirectly by NREC.

NREC is committed to preserving its prominent reputation and outstanding regional presence by continuing to seek new partnerships that will support the company’s solid foundation and in turn boost the valued confidence of its shareholders and partners.

For more information, please visit www.nrec.com.kw



Wadi El Nil


A longstanding pioneer in agricultural and urban development, Wadi El Nil is one of Egypt’s leading real estate developers with various complete projects throughout Egypt already under its belt. Wadi El Nil was established in the context of social responsibility and civic engagement. It is most famous for owning and operating the Wadi El Nil Hospital, one of the leading medical facilities in Egypt. Spearheading an initiative to develop Egypt, Wadi El Nil continues to invest in its expansion into various real estate ventures.